Map #26 – Assassins’s hideout

Here’s another quick map that was drawn without much planning and without sketching first. This has also been out there for a while (on patreon).

While drawing this, I was thinking of the Dark brotherhood hideout from Skyrim and thus this map could very well work as a semi-hidden base of a group of assassins or other shady types. I also wanted to try a drawn grid to see how it works out, so unfortunately it is permanent.

The map is pretty linear and basically cuts trough a cliff to a river, sea or a large lake. There is a small chapel but besides that, the use of rooms is up to you. If you want to have a cult like flavour, the chapel could be devoted to a single deity or it could be a more relaxed place of many gods.

Of course, if you have other plans in mind, there isn’t anything specific in the map that would mark this as a home of a sinister organisation.

Also, I wanted to keep checking out how this kind of a drawn grid would look, so unfortunately, no ‘no-grid’ version this time.

If you feel like contributing to my mapmaking efforts I do have a patreon page. Check it out!

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