Map #56 – Desert Bazaar

‘Are you sure you don’t need anything? I have just come across a batch of only very slightly used blades of the finest steel and exquisite craftsmanship. How did I get them, you ask? Let me tell you exactly how! Just the other day I was taking a refreshing morning stroll – very good for the immortal soul you see! Oh, and you really should see how the sun glimmers on the scales of the obsidian lizards. Most fascinating creatures. Did you know that they get nourishment directly from leylines? Very popular with the mages, I hear. There was one here last month who had no less than six of them. Six! Can you imagine! Now, where was I. Ah, yes, beautiful swords in excellent condition!

Here’s a simple desert camp in a shallow canyon. Despite the harsh environment, the small pond allows for a semi permanent settlement. The camp is a popular place for making last minute equipment purchases before embarking deeper in the desert in search of lost treasures. 

There a few alternative versions: without the dunes, without border and ink-only.

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