Map #57 – Sewer Lab

Whatever you do, don’t stare!”

This map took a few iterations to get right. The first version had massive lineweight problems, but I think I managed to salvage it to an ok state. The map is a lab hidden in the sewers of whatever city you’d like. The lab turned out much cleaner than I first imagined, so whoever is living there likely doesn’t have monstrosity-level mutations – or maybe they do! A very neat and organised ‘Hulk’ could be fun.  Other reasons would of course be wrongful – or very justifiable – persecution by the authorities.

I hope the map is self-explanatory. There is some living space, a library and a lab, a secret storage with an escape tunnel and a small ‘greenhouse’ for ingredients. 

There are some alternative versions: ink only, grayscale and a less bleak paper.

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Map #42 – Sewer hideout

Phew! This map took a long time to finish, mostly due to combination of level of detail and me being very busy. It’s a small hideout in the sewers. Possible inhabitants could be thieves or assassin’s but also rebels fighting against a tyrant (or a conspiracy looking to overthrow the legitimate(?) ruler!).

I hope you like it!

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