Map – Desert Base

After a productive week (on the map making front, that is), I have another one ready. This is a small desert base for either bandits or or more benevolent denizens. The actual base consists of a cave on a side of a mountain or a hill and two large rock pillars that have room for lookouts. Each ‘tower’ has multiple arrowslits. The elevation could be  about 20 ft. There is a balcony facing inwards in the other one. Besides the suspension bridges, there isn’t much to see from the outside and the base should be difficult to spot from a distance. The base also has a reliable, but not infinite source of fresh water from a small underground stream.

Since the blood splatters make this map harder to use for practical purposes, here is a link to version without it: No blood and here is a link to a version without the grid (and without the blood).

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