Map #20 – Underground harbour

According to my count, this is the 20th map on this blog. It’s still an arbitrary number and not a particularly cool one, so there won’t be any special celebrations. These maps are free (CC-BY-NC-SA) but if you want to tip me, I have a patreon page with some perks for patrons.

This was drawn rather quickly and I decided to leave the rooms empty so feel free to populate them as you wish. This could be a smuggler’s or thieves’ hideout or it could be a clandestine base of operations either for your party and their allies – perhaps have them defend it against an assault – or a base of an evil reconnaissance force scouting the area for a large scale invasion. The entrances are likely at least moderately camouflaged and guarded.

I included a version with some suggestions for what to have in the dungeon. I’ve also replicated the list here:

1. Main entrance

2. Secondary entrance

3. Pond with a stream

4. Living quarters

5. Deeper in the dungeon

6. River leading outside

7. Storage

8. Pit

9. Tunnel downwards

Besides the one above, there is a version without the text and one without grid available.

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