Map #23 – Research base

This is a scifi map featuring a research base partly hidden inside a seaside cliff. Usually the research doneĀ on places like this is highly questionable and dangerous. In this case, it could be biological weapons or development of new chemicals to drug enemies or enhance your own side’s fighters.


In any case, I put a couple of numbers on the map (check attachments) to give an idea of what I thought there would be.

  1. Landing pad
  2. Clean room
  3. Main laboratory
  4. Power reactors
  5. Canteen and living quarters
  6. Data center
  7. Lift to a small sensor station

This could easily fit a Starfinder or Star Wars -style game and I think it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to put this in a hard scifi campaign.

I hope you like this. The next map will again be with a fantasy theme! Until next time!

There is a version without the numbers and one without the grid available.

If you feel like contributing to my mapmaking efforts (and getting a couple of perks) I do have a patreon page. Check it out!

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