Map #9 – Forgotten Libary

Time for another map. This is also my first patreon release!  This time I drew a forgotten library. The building above ground is small and simple and the collection there is mundane and not at all impressive. However, the two dungeon levels hold rare and forbidden books. Unfortunately, the lower dungeon got damaged and the librarian fell to a small cave, died from the fall and now haunts the remains of the library. This could be located as part of ruins of a small city or even in the middle of wilderness.

In game, PCs would have to locate information from the library’s collection, but the librarian should complicate things. Place other – possibly undead – foes in the library to represent previous adventurers who have fallen before the librarians wrath if you wish.

Edit: I forgot to include the gridless version in the original post. Here’s a link to it.

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