Map #25 – Ruined keep

Here’s a quick map that I just doodled together. It’s very similar to an earlier one, but I hope you like it nevertheless. It’s actually been available via patreon for a while, but it took some time to get this blog up to date.

This is again old ruins in the woods. This time, orcs or bandits have made a semi-permanent camp on a the ruins and the cellar and caves underneath. There is also a long tunnel leading outside surfacing a few hundred meters from the castle.

A good use for this one would be to have this be a ‘random encounter’ but then have an adventure hook in the dungeon ready to be followed. For example, the current occupants haven’t yet found the secret door behind the chapel in the dungeon. It could be that the original ward of the castle has locked themselves in guarding something – perhaps information or an important item. This type of encounter would suit a hexcrawl campaign quite well.

Also, the grid is permanent this time (I wanted to try how it would look).

If you feel like contributing to my mapmaking efforts (and getting a couple of perks!) I do have a patreon page. Check it out!

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