Map #15 – Hidden ruins, pt. II

Weekend of many maps continues with an simple dungeon map – see earlier here and here. You can think of it as continuation of a previous map that I’ve drawn, namely hidden ruins. If you want to tip me and get access to higher resolution versions and other perks, consider becoming a patron.

There isn’t much of a story to this map, but I’d like to highlight a couple of parts of it. Firstly, there is a circular ritual room that has partly fallen off facing a cliff. There are stairs that lead to the surface and that have been built more recently. One possibility is that cultist are trying to resurrect an ancient mage or demigod that has been buried in the chamber next to the ritual room.

Secondly, some of the prison cells are equipped with trapdoors so that prisoners can be extracted for more extreme questioning or even sacrifice. Also, one of the rooms has a collapsed floor that allows access to the secret part of the dungeon. There also was an elevator but the collapsed ceilings have rendered it useless. If you feel like it, it could also act as an entry point to the dungeon.

The customary version without the grid can be found behind this link.

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