Map #14 – City of Skærfjell

I made a quick city map. I’m not completely satisfied with how it turned out, but I’ll post it here anyways. Higher resolution versions are available to patrons

This is small/medium city that however has a rich history behind it. If you feel like it, it can continue considerably inside the mountain. There are four general areas: Citadel, Old town, New academy and markets. The Citadel and Old town are the oldest parts of the town. Citadel hosts the fortresses and houses of the local ruler and the highest ranking military units. There is also an old school of engineering (or magic) in the Citadel district but on recent times, it has been surpassed in popularity by the new academy. Nevertheless, a diploma from that school still holds a certain amount of prestige.

The newest building in the old town is already multiple decades old. It is inhabited by merchants, artists and well to do craftsmen. The markets are called that because in the old days, farmers and hunters used to sell their wares just outside the city walls but as the population grew, permanent buildings were erected but the name stuck. Finally, there is the New Academy District. It’s still called ‘new’ even though it has been in operation for almost two centuries. Many of the houses near the academy house magisters and other staff of the academy.

In a campaign, this could act as a capital of a remote region. It is likely located in an area far away from more prosperous cities and nations. Due to it’s ancient nature, it could host long forgotten knowledge or artifacts as these kind of places usually do in fantasy settings.

Here is a version with very quickly done district borders and here is a version without the text.

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