Map #64 – Old god tomb

‘Uh sir… we found the tomb… Just like you said, but… Uh there’s… um… no gold… Sure,  Let’s check deeper. But between me and you… some of the lads are feeling a little skittish so maybe we shou… Yes, there are exactly nine of us… Why is tha… …of course they’ll join us. You’re the boss.’

-Chief engineer Coppermill, excavator for hire

Unwitting(?) excavators have breached in a tomb that houses the remains of one of the most powerful prophets of beings from beyond and their four disciples. The magic circle at the middle of the main room could be used to bring them back or perhaps it is instead used to lock them away. The other hallways are filled with remains of ancient worshipers, cultists and sacrifices and most surfaces are filled with unintelligible writings and diagrams.

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