Inktober 2020

Inktober happened already almost a month ago. I made this map where each each room (approximately, some are a bit larger or smaller) corresponds to a prompt. See if you can find them all. A fair warning, many of them make no sense at all…

This particular map is free to use according to CC-BY.

Map #48 – Splicing lab

I was in a mood for another scifi map. I’m not sure about all of the details, but some parts I think are quite ok.

This is another secret underground lab. There’s a tram system connecting it to other parts of the compounds. This lab works on combining various alien specimens to ‘volunteers’ for whatever villainous purpose you’d like.

There’s a room with animal pens, a biolab with various plants, a general lab with a treatment room and a larger room with individual tanks for combining extracted materials. There are also a few cells to hold prisoners  as well as monitoring room and a small break room. An elevator leads to the surface.

Here’s a version without the grid.

These versions are free, but if you want to join my generous patrons and tip me, check out my patreon page.

Rules are the story

A common sentiment appearing too often is ‘Story is more important than rules’ or some derivative. Frankly, I find this baffling. I see rules as integral to player empowerment and player empowerment is one of the unique features tabletop RPGs can offer over other media. By player empowerment, I mean that players (including the GM) have significant control over the events of the game. Before I get started, I would like to stress that you should keep playing however you like. This is another strength of RPGs. But I hope that this short post would give some food for thought.

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Planning #mapvember

So, #mapvember is drawing close, and I’m definitely taking part this year. Expect a mix of fantasy and scifi with a very probable bias towards fantasy.

The best way to stay up to date on this mapvember venture is to follow me on twitter. I’ll post maps there and likely collate them to a post a few maps at a time during the month. I’ll try to get the maps online on evenings (European time zones).

Looking at the prompt list, I already have a few ideas, so let’s see how they turn out!

Wish list and feedback

I have put up a post to collect wishes/ideas of maps you’d like to see in the future as well as some ideas about patron rewards. I would like to have versions of the maps available for free in a usable form but at the same time I would like to leave some room to have a few perks for patrons. The current system gives patrons a few different high resolution versions but I’ve been thinking of the following options: 1) Early access (1 to 2 weeks?) 2) Access to Gimp files for personal use or 3) priority request list.

If there are maps you would like to be made or comments on the release policy, don’t hesitate to leave a comment there.