Map #58 – Well of Rebirth

“You know what to do. I hope you come back. But if you don’t… Your sacrifice will be noted.”

Deep in the Eorgand forest is a small chapel with a shallow pool. Prospective initiates must venture in the forest and find the pool to receive blessings of the old gods. Some find their way back to the village but are never able to find the temple afterwards or even recall much of what happened. However, they often find their live successful in the most peculiar ways.

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Map #41 – Old Chapel

I wanted to draw a chapel leading to the crypt in the ‘Consortium Hideout‘ -map. So here it is. The chapel is small, so there is only a small storage room and a room for the priest. Feel free to have it still be in use or already abandoned

There’s also a version without the background.

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