Map #52 – Abandoned Crypt

This one took a really long time to finish. It is a small crypt that has a few sarcophagi and a number of smaller urns and offerings scattered along the walls. It could be housing the deceased of a holy order or just be a generic resting place for local nobles and other well to do. Some of the rooms were still under construction when the crypt was abandoned. You’ll note that one of the small rooms is sealed off. Feel free to put whatever undead monster there. However, the seal has started weakening and necromantic powers should be animating some nasty surprises – zombies/skeletons, spirits or even just maddened beasts.

You can put this underneath the chapel I posted earlier.

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Map #39 – Consortium Hideout

A quick OSR-ish map. There is a small crypt, perhaps underneath a ruined temple that has two secret doors, one of which leads to a small underground compound of the Consortium. However, the other door leads to a small, trapped room with a fake door on the other side.

The compound itself has a small hidden harbour, just large enough to take a small boat out to meet a larger ship.

Here’s a version without the text and one without the grid.

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