Map #37 – Narrow Pass

Here’s a small map featuring fortifications on a narrow mountain pass. The dwarves (?) put up a valiant fight defending a remote pass but ultimately, the orcish (?) horde proved too powerful.

The players could pass by just hours after the defenders were defeated encountering a couple of attackers left behind. Another way might be to have the players actually defend against the attack

There’s also a black and white version available.

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Map #33 – Castle Dread

Back to ink-only maps.¬†Castle Dread might have started as a monastery or a chapel a long time ago, but due to its location on the coast, it was soon upgraded to a small castle to keep an eye on the marine traffic passing by. However, the castle has has been abandoned longer than anyone remembers. It is still in relatively good condition, but most people stay away from it. Even hardened bandits haven’t made camp there. There are two secret trapdoors that lead to catacombs beneath besides the obvious stairs inside the chapel.

Feel free to place any monsters – or mundane foes into this keep. I will add dungeon levels in a separate map later, but unfortunately, you will be on your own on that front for the time being.

Here is a black-and-white version without the grid.

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