Map #60 – Spaceport

“I’d check 34B. That pilot should fit your budget. Just don’t show up before noon.”

60th map on the blog. It’s been a while since I’ve inked a map and I think it shows (I’m also much more comfortable with fantasy elements at the moment). Anyways, the map is a small hangar including a small workshop and a room for resting.

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Map #46 – Sasha’s Workshop

Time for a scifi map. Just ink this time. The workshop is partly inside a natural cavern and there’s enough room to lodge a couple of persons. Most of customers of the workshop would rather keep their business private.

The workshop is very messy and most of the components are of little value by themselves. There is a generator downstairs accessed from the workshop hall and ladders leading to a small observation post.

No alternative versions this time, I’m afraid.

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