Map – Warlock’s Hideout

Time for a new (small) hand drawn map – A Warlock’s Hideout.

I experimented a little with the background. Here is a link to a clean version if you prefer that. It could be that a local noble is secretly communing with demons or other planar entities. Or perhaps the warlock in question is just not very powerful and has to make do with a smaller hideout. In any case, this map would best fit an urban adventure, where the party has to investigate occurrences of violence or disappearances. Maybe a demon got loose (and even killed the original summoner?) or the warlock needed to make an offering to whatever creature it was summoning. Also, this map would best suit a single or at most a couple of occupants.

In room 1. there is an elevator back to the surface. Another options is use a boat and sail along the underground river. Ritual room has also a bed for short term stays, but most of the time the hideout should be empty. Additionally, collapsed ceiling hides another dungeon that might lead to even further depths or back to the surface.

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