Map #12 – The Spire

Time for a scifi map. Higher resolution versions are available to patrons.

This map features schematics of a space station prison for exceptionally dangerous criminals. The layout is following: There is a main level and engineering underneath it and then a tall “tail” around which single prisoner pods are connected. So from the outside this would look like a disk with a long tail – a roughly similar setup as the cloud city from Star Wars.

Spire -class stations often orbit remote hostile worlds and employ a sophisticated array of sensors. If they detect an unauthorized vessel approaching, they often fire the prison pods on the planet surface. This usually hinders the rescue operation and gives the federation rapid response ships enough time to arrive. If your setting has no faster-than-light travel, these could be stationed to a remote area of a system still within reach of conventional travel. As a last resort, the pods could be equipped with a self destruct mechanism that destroys them unless disarmed in time.

Here is a version without the grid.

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