Map #16 – Ancient Crypt

Final map of the bunch I had ready. This time a small crypt. If you feel like tipping me and getting access to a few perks – higher resolution and more variants – consider becoming a patron.

This map is a crypt of ancient mages (or something similarly threatening) and it was accidentally discovered by a small mining operation. The sinister atmosphere and a few curses/traps quickly convinced the locals to bar entry to the crypt. However, a deal could easily be made such that the PCs clear the crypt and make sure all traps/curses are ‘defused’ such that work can continue on the mine. Since the threats haven’t been dealt with already means that the local population doesn’t have much to offer for the party. This wouldn’t be a problem for a good party and others could be motivated by the promise of keeping whatever they can dig out of the crypt.

However, a few entrepreneurial persons have taken the matter to their own hands and dug  a tunnel to the crypt. It is up to you if they have fallen prey to the spirits of the crypt or if they have managed to steal something valuable (or dangerous!) and must be thus tracked down.

The chamber before the main crypt is filled with a liquid that looks like extremely foul water. However, it should be poisonous or inhabited by nasty creatures to discourage swimming over. There is a bridge that can be raised by using switches on the sides – but at least IMO it shouldn’t insta-kill players. You may include a puzzle or some complications in this room, if you wish – e.g. ordering of the switches or that they simply must be pulled simultaneously.

This time no version without the grid, since the grid was drawn on. However, here is an alternative version with blood splatters: with blood

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