Map #17 – Wizard’s basement

Here’s another map. The versions here are free (check licence below) but if you want to tip me check out my patreon.

I thought that this might be a basement below a wizard’s dwelling. It has some room for storage, but it’s main features are a botanical cave in west, a chemistry room in the north, holding cells and a table for experiments down south and finally a portal powered by arcane crystals in east.

If you want to have opposition in the basement, I suggest a couple of themes. First, consider otherworldly creatures that have escaped from the portal or maybe the mutated test subjects sustained by arcane energies have broken out of their cells. Another option would be an expedition from underground that has pierced the walls at the botanical room – this could be monsters or something along the lines of dark elves / deep dwarfs.

The basement could be abandoned or the wizard could have lost control and escaped to higher floors or to another dimension through the portal. If you feel like moving your game to different planes, this dungeon could act as a stepping stone on that journey.

Here is a version without the grid.

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