Map #18 – Tomb No. 1

To kick off September, I have a simple tomb. These versions are free (check licence below) but if you want to tip me and get more and higher resolution versions, check out my patreon. I also changed the watermarks to less intrusive positions.  I hope you enjoy this one.

For the time being, I’m drawing blanks on the name for this map and thus it’s just known as Tomb No. 1. This was drawn without much planning and the grid is a little misaligned. I have marked a couple of rooms on the map:

  1. This is the actual tomb room that houses an ancient ruler, sorcerer or perhaps a dangerous monster that has been sealed off. The room has eight statues and trapdoors in the room. If intruders are detected, the statues would come alive (scale the numbers to your liking) and parts of the floor would fall of to keep intruders from escaping. A good place to place the trigger could be near the grave, maybe on the steps.
  2. This room contains five (hidden?) doors and one entrance. The trick here is of course that only one door leads to the tomb and others contain nasty surprises. This could be ordinary traps or magical monsters just waiting to jump on anything that opens the door. Undead and constructs would be natural fits, but whatever is appropriate for your campaign wouldn’t be too much of a stretch – The tomb is after all a highly magical place.
  3. I just wanted to point where I thought the entrance to the dungeon would be.

Besides these, there are rooms that contain altars and can be used as ordinary crypts or some kind of embalming room or as a place of worship. Parts of the dungeon have also collapsed. If you feel like, it rooms of this map could also be incorporated into a completely different dungeon crawl.

Here is a version without the text and here is one without the grid.

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