Map #10 – Goblin Caves

This is not a very innovative map (or adventure hook), but classics are classics for a good reason, right? Right…? In any case, this a small cave for goblins (or other creatures/bandits) to launch their terrorizing attacks. The map should be mostly self-explanatory. There is a holding cell and a furnished room with a secret entrance (or exit if you prefer). As per usual, higher resolution and multiple versions are available to patrons.

The obvious adventure is this: Someone has been collaborating with the goblins to raid local trade route. There could be a couple of persons acting behind this and occasionally spending time in the caves to check what the goblins have managed to gather. This could be just a local trade dispute such that the attacks are only against a competitor (or competitors) and the collaborator supplies the goblins with information about transport timetables and maybe provides (possibly magical?) help in hiding their tracks. Another option is to use this as a starting point to a grander campaign. In this case, the shadowy figure would be after something specific. It could be that they know that the item they are after is part of a traders wares but not exactly when it is moved. It is also likely that the current owner does not realize the item’s value, since goblins are capable of attacking the caravan.

To get the players involved, they could be hired by a local villagers or just be attacked as they are travelling through the region.

For encounters I would suggest having a couple of groups of goblins, perhaps 4-6 each (could also be orcs or hobgoblins or just plain bandits or whatever suits your plans) such that there are a two to three sentries near the entrance and the rest would be deeper inside the caves. There might be lookout watching from the small window, but an easy stealth check should be enough to bypass that. If the players deal with the sentries silently or quickly it is likely that they can surprise the rest of the goblins. Also, there should be a ‘bandit captain’ -type present. The captain is also alarmed if the goblins are and will likely make an escape through the secret entrance if they manage to hear the players. It’s also possible that the players find the second entrance. To find it, the players should scout the area and succeed in a moderate search check. They also might notice (difficult check?) well hidden tracks leading near the secret door.

So very standard, well traversed fantasy stuff. This is definitely something that should suit party of level 3 or lower and could very well act as the first game of a campaign.

Finally, here is a version without the grid.

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  1. Just wanted to say, thanks! I’m using a slightly modified version of this map as a home base for a goblin-theme one-shot. (I included a link below.) Thanks for the great map!

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