Map #29 – Traitor’s Cove

Time for the last map before Christmas. This time I drew a small (tropical?) settlement. I also tried adding a little color in the editing phase, but I don’t think I’m (yet?) very good with it. Check out the alt versions at the end of the post.

Just to give a possible background, the town might have been founded only decades ago by a captain in the imperial navy who either felt wronged or just couldn’t resist the lure of the open sea and promise of riches. In either case, if there ever was an original name, it is already forgotten and the town is now known only as the Traitor’s cove.

The town itself has a small fort and few permanent settlers. However it is frequently visited by less reputable entrepreneurs who wish to trade their cargo of questionable origins or lay low for a while.  

Here are a couple of alternative versions: Without colors and without background.

These versions are free to use according to cc-by-nc-sa, but if you want to tip me (and get first access and higher resolution), check out my patreon page.

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