Map #63 – Sacrificial Platform


“I am pleased to report that my trip North has been most successful! Much of the tribe’s life is centered around the worship of some sort of a god or spirit – I’Ktho I believe they call it. In a few days, I will witness one of their rituals, where the young acolytes will cast themselves into a ravine covered by unnatural mist. While the ritual fills me with unease, there is some morbid curiosity in observing such an event. I look forward to presenting my findings at the next symposium!”

-The last correspondence between the Explorer’s Society of Brassgate and lord Carrow

The map is a simple sacrificial platform. Could be used for willing and unwilling subjects. The platform itself is made of almost impossibly smooth, dark material and has undecipherable writings near the sides.

As an aside, on of the first maps I posted to this blog had a similar, admittedly not that original idea. You can check it out here.

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