MAP #8 – Hall of the Underking

Initially, I thought that this would be a dwarven ruin, but there isn’t anything in the map to prevent it being built by someone else. A cataclysm in the past cracked the dungeon in half and since that, it has become a nest for monstrous spiders. The spiders will likely stay away from the intruders unless they touch the webs or eggs. If you want, the spider webs could be sticky and slow or halt movement completely. There is a “fake” treasure room that could be mostly empty except for a few trinkets. However, the real vault is hidden behind a secret door. Additionally, there are two rooms for royal guards and at the first sight of any trouble they would have assaulted the throne room to protect the king or whatever noble is in charge of the city.

I think this small dungeon could be inserted into almost any dungeon crawl if you need an encounter with a little added environmental hazard. In DnD terms, lower level adventurers would get the most out of this map.

Here is a link to a version with a grid. Although be warned, the alignment is really poor and the grid itself is quite a patchwork.

I’ve also started a patreon, so check that out, if you want to support my mapmaking efforts. Note, this isn’t yet a “patron map”. Stay tuned for the first patreon post in the next few days!

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