Map #24 – Dwarven Outpost

I had another map almost ready and saw no reason to sit on it, so here it is.

This is a very small dwarven outpost. However, while expanding the tunnels, they very quickly found a nasty surprise even without digging very deep. The nature of the thing at the bottom of the pit is up to you, but I can offer a couple of suggestions. Firstly, the item on the bottom could be an ancient artifact that was sealed away ages ago and it has turned the inhabitants mad sustaining the through magic. I initially thought it could be a sarcophagus and whatever was inside has taken over the the outpost perhaps turning the dwarves to undead creatures or unrecognizable horrors from beyond. Or perhaps the miners were only drive out of the mine and now camp outside looking for help to clear the outpost and resume operations.

Here is a version without the grid.

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