Map #30 – Hall of arbitration

It has again been a while without a map, so here’s one to get this year started.

This is small hall for negotiation. A monastic order is famous for arbitration and mediation. The disagreeing parties bring offering that they leave at the altars before entering the hall. If the negotiations take a long time, there are a couple of rooms to rest. The monks of the monastery encourage small parties, so usually there are only a handful of people on each side.

To use this in your game, perhaps the players are hired to protect a merchant or a noble during their stay. There are a couple of tunnels from which assassins might enter to try to stop the negotiations. Or if you’re so inclined – or rather if your players are – they might be the ones using tunnels. Depending on your plans, this could be a simple job or a start of something far more sinister – for example, how come the assassins could dig their tunnels freely so close to the monastery?

Here’s a version without background.

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