Map #38 – Temple of the Deep Ones

Quite a while without a map, but here’s one. I hope to get a couple more online in the near future. This map features a temple dedicated to an ancient horror.Here are some suggestions for what the rooms might contain.

1. The very fist part of the dungeon is mostly empty. If you want, you could have a couple of bandits or wild animals taking refuge here.

However, the animals seem to avoid going deeper in the cave and will act as if cornered if forced towards the passage. If they flee, they will risk opportunity attacks and go outside.

2. This part is simply an extension of the first cave. Whereas the first chamber shows signs of use, the second one is eerily silent and untouched.

3.  A short fall to a pit filled with water. The central area marked with a dashed line is shallow enough to walk (<2 ft). The pillars reach high and at their base, there are multiple skeletons still shackled to them. The skeletons have jewelry on them that should be easy to spot. The cliff could be around 15-20ft high.

When the players disturb the waters, however, the skeletons come alive. The shackled ones should pose no threat, but slowly, zombies and skeletons (or other creatures, if you want) will come out of the water.

4. A small prison/dungeon complex has been carved into the cave. The walls are crude but functional and the room still has two stone tables and shelves with various nasty looking tools and jars of dried chemicals.

5. The prison chambers each contain remains of long deceased prisoner, but are otherwise unremarkable.

6. This room is a simple chapel with a worn statue of a hideous creature.

7. A secret door (DC ~20-25 to spot) leads to a small chamber that is used to store valuable donations and ritual materials. Feel free to place appropriate treasures here.

8. Another small pond. There is a very slow current towards 3.

9. There are two columns of pillars, some of which have skeletons similarly shackled as the ones in room 3. This room is also almost completely taken over by water and it gets deeper towards the end of the room where an underwater tunnel leads deeper underground. The central platform is approximately 10ft above the ground level. On the altar, there are remains of a sacrifice pierced by a large ritual blade.

Once the blade is removed, feel free attack the players with undead or twisted fish-creatures. It’s even possible, that something might rise from the depths!

There is also a version without the numbers and a black and white one.

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