Map #22 – Cabin and a Dungeon

If you remember, there was an innocuous cabin in Skyrim that actually had a hidden dungeon full of bandits underneath. Well, this is… let’s say inspired… by that.

I had this map scanned and ready to go for a while so I decided put on the finishing touches on this before finishing another (scifi) map. This dungeon is very straightforward. After the secret door there is a small cave with an underground stream (I seem to like them a lot…) with an waterfall. Upstream, there is a broken bridge that leads to a side entrance of an actual dungeon and downstream leads deeper into the natural caves. There is an elevator to reach lower levels and stairs leading to an observation post. It just so happens that I have a couple of dungeon maps that you could use as a continuation if you feel like doing a proper dungeon crawl. For example click and click.

There is also a gridless version.

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