Map #49 – Generic dungeon

It took a while to post another map. This one’s a generic dungeon that serves as someone’s (wizard/ruler/bandit lord/etc) tomb. The trick however, is that the actual body is hidden in a secret chamber. There is of course something in the main tomb, but player’s will have to work a little if they want to make sure that is the correct body (e.g. speak with the dead or some other way of identifying the remains).

In the tomb, there are actually two secret chambers. One of them is relatively easy to find and has some amount of treasure. The second one is much harder to spot and has the actual remains. The purpose of the arrangement is that would be grave robbers will likely find the poorly hidden treasure chamber and believe that is all there is.

The dungeon can be entered from the circular room in the middle or if you want, from the dungeons below. The way down can also be blocked by boulders etc. if you want to keep the dungeon self contained.

Otherwise, feel free to populate the tomb with dungeon-appropriate foes or beasts from the Underdark.

I also tried some very simple coloring. This style was *extremely* fast to do, so I might try it again in the future to see how it works out.

If you’re not a fan of that, here’s a black and white version.

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